Our 10-week summer program puts real work of the firm in your hands. You will work alongside brilliant people, gain insights and know-how from our Quanta Academy curriculum, and experience what it’s like to work at the pinnacle of global, systematic investing.

Read what our interns have to say about working at AQR:

  • "The internship surpassed my expectations coming into the summer. Overall, I learned so much about engineering and working in finance. Through Quanta and speaking with other full-time employees, I got to learn so much about trading and how AQR operates."

  • "Being able to learn about finance, investing, and business development from such smart caring people was such a phenomenal experience. I was expecting to learn about the corporate world, but I wasn't expecting such GREAT + COOL people!"

  • "The summer exceeded my expectations by two standard deviation. Fantastic experience."

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